Shindo is a company in Japan which hand makes all their products. Of course it has point to point wiring. Of course it has hand selected vintage components. But much more than that, Shindo is a designer who uses these components in a way not possible unless you are gifted at understanding the use of tubes and components in unique circuits. Yes, it does PRAT and can keep a tune as well as any product I handle. You will never hear background noise of any type so the silence between notes is incredible,very similar to Crimson in that regard. And this is the first time I’ve dealt with a product line that does not have a “ sound” associated with the line, also similar to Crimson.  The tonal color of each instruement is so good it has to be heard to fully understand the statement.

I have several models of Shindo available for you to audition. The most afordable way to experience Shindo is with the Auriges/Montille combo, yet it gives you a true feeling of Shindo.

I also have both a Von Romanee preamp and Cortese Single Ended amplifier. The Von Romanee is almost magical in the way it communicates music to the listener.

When you mate the Von Romanee with the Cortese and the right speaker like the Auditorium 23 Hommage Cinema Field Coil speakers you are transported to the venue. Here is a photo of the Cortese.

IMG 3710

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