Chord's Indigo

The beauty of most of the products handled by Wellington Audio is that they may be used by relatively inexpensive cables.  For example, Naim highly recommends the use of their cables which are supplied with the particular product you purchase.  How much easier could that be?  Audio Note also has a complete line of cables they recommend for use with their designs.  While their options are more varied and can get expensive, even their budget cables are extremely musical.  Most manufacturers design their products using their cables.  The results are a synergistic system using the same cables designed and built to go with their equipment.

On the other hand, there are times when you want to go “beyond” the standard cable to get the best out of your equipment. Chord’s philosophy is quite simple but surprisingly unique in today's world of self-service and the "quick fix". They believe in high performance standards, long product life, top quality components and customer service. They offer a spectacular array of performance products and will help you provide the best solution for your needs.  If you would like to take a closer look at their different product offerings just click here.

While many of us are aware of the importance of good cables, it seems to me, that many, in trying to improve their systems use cables that damage the very music they are trying to improve.

Chord has never wavered from providing our customers with the best they can offer at all levels of performance. Try their cables for yourself. Wellington Audio is ready to provide the necessary time and experience to help you get the most life out of your system.

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