March 20th, 2016

Sugden has arrived at Wellington Audio. Call to hear this wonderful line of Class A solid state electronics and their LS21 floorstanding loudspeaker.

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September 14th, 2015

flux hifi sonic product photos 3

If you spin vinyl you should own the FLUX HI-FI SONIC Electronic Stylus Cleaner. Don’t let the buildup on your needle ruin your listening experience. 

April 15th, 2015

Wellington Audio is open for business. We’ve already assisted 3 of our existing customers with products from Naim, Line Magnetic, Harbeth and JMR. Watch our Demo and Trade-In’s page as we add clean new product to this category.

January 27th, 2015

Wellington Audio has moved to a new location in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. Not too far from where we were before but much more convenient for 95% of our customers. Give us a call and stop by for a visit.

All construction remodeling is completed. Still waiting on carpeting for the demo room so no demos yet. We have moved all equipment out of storage an into our facility. It won’t be long now. Thanks for your patience.’t be long now!

January 1st., 2015

Happy New Year to all my past, current, and future customers!

Wellington Audio has found an amazing location in Palm Beach Gardens. We are in the process of remodeling our Demo Room as well as our Display/Storage rooms. This is a passion and has very little to do with ROI. It is more about the love I have for two channel stereo music. Once settled, we will continue to service our customers at the very highest level.

JM Reynaud Speakers

Wellington Audio adds J.M. Reynaud to its line of speakers.

We are pleased to announce that Wellington Audio is now an authorized dealer for J.M. Reynaud and that we have both the Bliss Silver and Offrande Supreme V2 available for you to audition. 

Why JMR? In our opinion, their speakers have a way of presenting the music that's quite different. We feel their low frequency driver technology lets you hear much more inner detail in the lower frequencies. Of course, many speakers accurately reproduce bass notes, but you can't hear as much detail in those notes as you can with the JMR line. And their mids...? All we can say is: “Shut the front door!”

Please feel free to schedule an audition and hear for yourself exactly what we mean.

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Crimson Music-Link Cables and Electronics

Looking for a set of cables and/or interconnects, without regard to price, that will really blow your skirt up? If so we cannot recommend more strongly Crimson Audio Cables. Made in the U.K., the spartan Crimson line is comprised of just one speaker cable and one interconnect (with different terminations and lengths, of course). Kind of gutsy to offer but one cable and one interconnect? One would think so. Or would until one auditions them. 

So what do they sound like? In a word: nothing. Absolutely, positively nothing. They simply get out of the way and let the music shine through like no other cable we have ever heard. Actually, the only thing more astonishing than their sheer invisibility is their price; which in this world of cables costing more than the latest hybrid vehicle, is actually less than a set of decent tires. Amazing.

Please feel free to contact us to arrange a demo of the Crimson line. We promise you it'll be the best experience you'll never hear.

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Well Tempered Lab

The word “unique” is so overused it has all but lost its meaning. That said, we would like to define again for you its definition, and to do so all you need do is investigate the products from Well Tempered Lab.

wellTempered image01

Take for instance, the award-winning Amadeus turntable. Yes, that is a golf ball back there at the end of the sand-filled tone arm. And that's just for starters. How about  a “Zero Tolerance” platter bearing, or a polyester thread belt that's a mere 0.004”. And yes, there is more, like the halved squash balls and... Well suffice it to say that design guru Bill Firebaugh marches to the beat of quite a different drummer, and his products have won the awards to prove his efforts well worthwhile. 

Price that belies performance, the Amadeus, its siblings, and WTL's new outboard power supply are all available for audition right here at Wellington Audio. Why not make an appointment to come by today?

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To know analogue is to know the Dynavector name. Long known as the makers of some of world's finest cartridges -- regardless of price range – Dynavector also produces state-of-the-art tone arms and a simply wonderful phono pre-amp that will handle with ease nearly anything you'd care to throw at it. There is also a step-up transformer that will work well with most MC cartridges and your current MM preamp phono stage.

Call us at 561-798-1059 or email us at to arrange for a personalized demonstration.

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