Rega speakers have now been updated from the “RS” Series to the newer, more expensive “RX” Series.  As a result the outdated DEMO “R” and “RS” Series speakers are all on sale at 50% off their last retail price.

All are in mint condition as they have never left the store. 

I’ll try to add photos of the available “RS” speakers when I get time. Please call if you are interested or simply if you have questions.  561-798-1059. 

Quad 22L2

Most of our customers comment that Quad’s dynamic speakers sound very close to Quad electrotatics but at a much more affordable price. Now 50% of retail. I have other Quad dynamic speakers as well. Please call if you are interested.

We still have one of the 35th Anniversary Apollo SE’s in stock.  Incredible value !!!

Above, you see the incredibly accomplished 35th Anniversary Apollo SE.  This Apollo has much of the refinement of the Saturn but at less cost.  It is a perfect fit between the Apollo and Saturn.

Be one of the lucky few to purchase the Apollo. It has the following improvements over the standard Apollo.

  • Ugraded clocking mechanism
  • Upgraded capacitors
  • Lowere noise and reduced distortion
  • Cosmetic upgrades

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