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Oppo BDP 93 Modifications

John Tucker begins with the Oppo BDP 93, already an outstanding player in it’s own right, and does extensive rework of all sections of the circuitry including:

1.A new linear power supply is added for the analog board. This includes a very robust power transformer, filter caps bypassed with polypropylene caps, +/- pre-regulators and relay control circuitry to maintain standby operation of the unit.

2.Independent proprietary shunt regulators are added for the digital and analog power for the DAC chip itself, isolating it from digital noise on the power busses (55 to 60 db of additional isolation).

3.The analog output op-amps are upgraded to much higher performance units designed specifically for audio and then biased into class A operation.

4.Proprietary +/- shunt regulators are added to power the analog output stages fed by the new linear power supply. This isolates the critical analog output stages from noise induced by the rest of the circuitry.

5.The electrolytic output coupling capacitors are removed and replaced with very high quality polypropylene caps designed specifically for audio. The caps used have been selected after years of testing for optimum sonic performance and musicality.

All this is done while maintaining the functionality and usefulness of the standard player.  This adds up to a player that has to be heard to be fully appreciated.  The usual cliche’s describing current audio equipment just can’t describe what the Expo brings to an audio experience.

Price:  $2500 retail - Call for special offer

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