Pam Geisen, Vice President of Shipping

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and Receiving and my lovely wife since 1979.  

When you call, chances are Pam will answer the phone.  She is honest, direct, very sincere and lots of fun.  If I’m not available Pam will make sure I get your message.

Contact info:  561-798-1059

John Geisen, Owner.  This is me (well, ok, in my corporate life).


I work hard to provide you with the service you expect.  We represent products that we believe are delivered by impassioned manufacturers; those that have worked a lifetime personally improving what they do.  It makes us proud to be a small part of their livelihood.  My commitment to you is to provide complete honesty and integrity when we work together.  You will not be disappointed.  If for some uncontrollable reason we cannot provide what we promise, then you will receive a full refund along with a sincere apology. 

Contact Info:  561-798-1059 / 561-389-3455 cell -

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Riley, Director of Entertainment and Collections

If you don’t do what you promise; like pay your bills, then you will have to deal with this tough guy.  While he lives the “life of Riley”, when requested he assumes the responsibility of entertaining our clients.  Most of the time he just sits and waits for the Vice President of Shipping and Receiving.

Contact Info:  “Here Riley”!! or “Dinner”!!

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